My Near-Death Adventures (99% True!) by Alison DeCamp

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For history lovers and journal fans comes a
“hilarious and heartbreaking . . . 99–100% fantastic”
(A Fuse #8 Production, School Library Journal) story
about a boy on a mission to find his long-lost father
in the logging camps of Michigan.

There are many things that 11-year-old Stanley Slater would
like to have in life—most of all, a father. But what if Stan’s
missing dad isn’t “dearly departed” after all?

Armed with his stupendous scrapbook, full of black-and-white
19th-century advertisements and photos, Stan’s attempt to
locate his long-lost hero/cowboy/outlaw dad is a near-death
adventure fraught with pesky relatives, killer lumberjacks,
and poisonous pies! His tale will leave readers in stitches,
but not the kind that require medical attention.



Who is the author?
Alison DeCamp


Like Stan, Alison DeCamp grew up in the Upper Peninsula
of Michigan. Her family history consists of stories of life in lumber
camps and old scrapbooks. A graduate of Michigan State University,
Alison is a former middle and high school language arts teacher.
She now works at Between the Covers, a bookstore in Harbor
Springs, Michigan, and spends the rest of her time with her husband
and teenage children. You can find her online at

What is the genre of this book?
Historical Fiction
Is there a website for the author
or this book?

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What did Stan spy when he
arrived home after running
from Conrad?
p. 2
an envelope
Where was the envelope the
3rd time Stan saw it?
p. 7
clenched in the claws of a scary old woman (Granny)
Who was the envelope from?
Arthur Slater (Stan's father)
What kind of pie does Mrs.
Cavanaugh bring?
p. 17
vinegar pie
How old is Stan?
p. 26
Where is he going?
p. 26
Uncle Henry's logging camp
What do they call a satchel in
the north?
p. 56
What is a river drive?
p. 61
Logs are sent down the river from the logging camp
What's not allowed in the cook
p. 72
Why not?
p. 72
It leads to fist fights among the men.
Who is Stinky Pete?
pp. 125-126
He is a lumberman named Peter McLachlan who was a preacher and a veteran of the War of Rebellion.
What's the War of Rebellion?
p. 126
The Civil War
What were the "dots of red
spattered throughout the trees?"
p. 129
They were red clothing from the shanty boys that marked where they were working so that accidents could be avoided.
What event does Stan want to
avoid missing?
p. 139
river drive
What was in the envelope from
p. 157
divorce papers
What accident did Stan have?
p. 169
He fell and cut his head on the handle of an ax.
Who stitched up Stan's cut?
p. 171
Why did Stan draw marks on his
p. 174
He wanted to look like a man. He could go on the river drive if he were a man.
What did Stan's mother use to
clean the "whiskers" from his
p. 175
What was hidden in Stan's bunk?
p. 187
frozen dead raccoon
Finish this motto: "It's never too
late to be what you ..."
p. 192
"might have been"
Whose idea was it that Stan
go on the river drive?
p. 211
Granny's :O
How did Mr. Crutchley get in
the river?
p. 240
Stan accidentally knocked him in.
Who was the prankster?
p. 246
Granny :O